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HP Tuners Manual

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Update nGauge and Send Stock File Instructions

If your vehicle currently has a tune on it from another device please use that device to return the vehicle back to stock. After you have returned back to stock please retrieve the stock file from your vehicle using the following process:


Step 1: To update your device download the firmware which can be found here:


Step 2: To update nGauge: If your installed nGauge FW is v120 or later:


1. Be sure you have the correct version of firmware to install on the nGauge:

B. All others: download from the "non-LUND" link on the support page.


2. Place firmware file onto your SD card, one of two ways:

A. Via USB to nGauge connection:

i. Connect nGague to PC via USB cable.

ii. Go to "Settings > USB SD" in your nGauge menus. nGauge should then be recognized as a drive by your PC.

iii. Place the downloaded firmware file on the root of your SD Card. Do not rename the file. Older firmware files can stay.

iv. Go to Step 3.

B. Via SD Card inserted into PC (if you have a microSD adapter):

i. Remove SD Card from nGauge and insert into appropriate adapter to connect to PC.

ii. Place the downloaded firmware file on the root of your SD Card. Do not rename the file. Older firmware files can stay.

iii. Remove the SD Card from your computer and insert it into your powered-down nGauge.

iv. Apply power to the nGauge.

v. Go to Step 3.


3. Update the firmware via "Diagnostics > Settings > Update from SD". Wait for process to complete.


4. New FW version should be displayed in "Diagnostics > Settings > Device Info".

a. If the update is unsuccessful or not found, repeat the procedure.

b. If the repeat fails, contact


Step 3: After the device has been updated you will need to use the device to acquire the stock file by going to the tuning menu and scrolling down and click on "Read vehicle". Select your ECM type, read/save the stock tune file, and send it to CC: and


After we have been sent the stock file via email with all of your order pertinent please call us within 24 hours and confirm we have received your email. From that point forward is is a 5-10 business day process to get your tune file sent back out. It may be necessary for you to use your old device to reload your old tune in until you receive your new n-gauge file.


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